Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Fleece: Make a bone!

My youngest son loves dogs and have many, many soft toy ones including a very manky, torn, stinky and much loved sausage dog which he carries everywhere.  Needless to say there is always 'A bone for doggie' on his Christmas/birthday list.
The Cloth Store stocks some lovely fleece and I choose black, red and pale cream.

I cut strips of white and black, using a rotary cutter, which was surprisingly good for the task.  I assumed it wouldn't be sharp enough or would blunt quickly, but it was really good.  All the strips were then sewn together to form a big large piece from which I cut two bone shapes.  From the red fleece I cut one very, very long, wide strip.  From there onwards it was just a case of sewing the edges of the stripy fleece (wrong sides together) to that of the red, leaving a hole for stuffing, then turning it the right way.

The only problem is that everyone loves it and wants me to make them one!

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