This summery hat tutorials is from the lovely Minxtures.  Use Gingham, plain cottons or even Velboa.  All available in The Cloth Store online shop.

You will need to cut:
1. Two strips for the hat bands, each measuring 2 inches x the head measurement plus 3-4 inches. 
(If you are using stretchy or fine fabric add fusible interfacing).
2. 1x octagonal piece approximately 14 inches wide. (for fine fabrics cut 2, one for a lining, plus interface top piece)
Next you need to cut 2 x peak pieces. The picture below is an ideal size for children’s or adult hats.

You will also need a peak shape cut from Buckram (without seam allowance), Alternatively you could use thin plastic.
Next fold and press the interfaced strips to make a 1 inch band. Take one and pin fit to required size, this will become the inner band. Stitch together and trim ends.
Now you need to make the peak. With right sides of the fabric pieces together, draw round your cut out buckram, then stitch along the bottom edge. For stretchy fabrics stitch 2-3mm inside the line. I trim with pinking shears.

Turn and insert the buckram ensuring the seam is sitting to one side (your underside of finished peak) You need to take a bit of time with this to stretch and pin in place with no wrinkles. I made a chalk line then stitched close to the buckram. Clip in several places and pin to wrong side of your inner band.

(IGNORE the upside down peak, I didn’t notice this until after wards!)

Next, pin the octagonal top piece. It’s helpful to centre and pin front , back and 2 sides first. Then pleat the excess in the direction you want the pleats.Again take you time with this as you can make the hat less puffy if you like, it will depend on the fabric, whether it stands up or is floppy.

Forgot to add, interfacing will be less floppy. If you have interfaced your fabric you will need to pin the lining piece also.

Once you are happy with how it sits, trim excess so it doesn’t show when the outer band is put on.
Next Place the outer band around the hat lining up with the inner band, sandwiching the top pieceThe outer band will be longer than the inner piece to allow for extra fabric it’s covering.

You will need to use lots of pins to ensure it doesn’t move about, or you could baste.

The band ends will need to be trimmed and overlapped. Stitch close to the edge through all layers, (being careful over pins) then stitch close to the top edge of the band through all layers.

Decorate the band with fabric or felt flowers, buttons or badges.  Wear and enjoy!


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