Materials required
Dress net or any fabric
Fleece or felt
Wooden sticks
Sewing thread and needle
Pencil and paper
Super glue
(all the above are available from The Cloth Store)


Step one.
You will need three petal templates as shown in first pic.If you use dress net as your flower fabric you need to cut 2 of each size petal. For thicker fabric just one. (For thick fabric cut the template in half length ways)

Step Two
With the 2 layers together fold petal in half and sew a large running stitch along the curved edge for gathering.

Step Three. 
Once gathered you need to roll/fold the smallest and secure in place with a few stitches, then secure to the middle of the next sized petal with a few more stitches. Again, fold and secure, and again with the largest.

Step Four.
Either hand sew or place your machine on wide ziz-zag and stitch the wooden sticks in place. Also a good idea to use a dot of super glue afterwards.

Step Five.
Next cut the green part, pinking shears give added interest and place as shown in pic . fold around the base of the rose and hand stitch in place.

Thank you to Minxtures for another lovely tutorial.

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