Friday, 16 July 2010

When it's too hot for duvets...

We've had a whole lot of rain here in Sussex over the last three days, a relief from that hot, hot weather previously.  But more of that scorching, dry weather and hot, sticky nights are forecast again and we will be, once more, throwing off our duvets.  Duvets are much too bulky and, somehow, a sheet is not quite enough so how about running up one of these for the kids?

Lovely 'snow leopard' velboa backed with bright blue fleece.  One metre of each is perfect for a small boy!  It's just the right weight to feel 'covered' but not as bulky and annoying as a big old duvet can be on a hot night.

So simple to make - just put the two fabrics wrong side together and sewing machine round, leaving a gap large enough to enable you to turn it right way round.
After turning the right way round,  fold the edges of the gap neatly in and stitch over the gap, then keep sewing all the way round the edge again.  Don't worry too much about the colour of the cotton as the stitching recesses into the texture of the fabrics and won't show.  The purpose of going round on the right side of the blanket is to stop it slipping out of shape at the edges.  And it's done!

You can buy Velboa and fleece by the metre from The Cloth Store Shop.
(By the way, the original choice was Snow Leopard with purple fleece but it was quickly decided - by me - that that was a little too 'boudoir' for a 6 year old boy and he was steered towards the blue!)

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